Tanja is the perfect interim assistant. She helped us when we were in the midst of our preparations for our IPO. She was able to hit the ground running, by creating clarity and structure. She is very organized, has a good sense for the people around her and she communicates in a timely manner. She knows what it takes to work under pressure and never misses a deadline. I never had to check if actions were taken or jobs were completed. She is also very lively, likes to joke and have fun, but she always takes her job very serious. She stayed a lot longer than she normally does to gives us sufficient time to implement a permanent solution. I fully recommend her services to anyone

Tanja: je was super, dank voor je hulp om ons in zeer dynamische tijden bij te staan! Calm & collected, overzicht & organisatie. Het Avantium team zal je missen! Tom van Aken, CEO

Geweldig hoe je ons geholpen hebt in de afgelopen periode, zeer professioneel, uiterst efficiënt en altijd rustig. dankjewel! Je bent de perfecte interimmer. Frank Roerink, CFO