Tanja joined the Bank of Scotland/Lloyds TSB branch at a difficult time, during a major reorganization, therefore making this a very hectic start. Her main responsibilities were to perform the majority of general HR related duties, such as all general HR related correspondence (change of terms, employee benefit confirmations, legal correspondence, exit letters etc.) She was responsible for keeping the Personnel Files in perfect order, clearing away a huge backlog in filling due to the reorganization. Also she closely monitored the exit process, contacting exiting employees during the difficult time of reorganization, to offer support, a crying shoulder and in addition finalizing their settelement payments (Stamrecht BV’s, Bankspaar constructions). She kept in close contact with the landlords because of expat rental apartments. Ms. Egbers was also responsible for processing changes for the monthly payroll process (however always following the four eye principle) and liaising directly with the payroll provider ADP. In addition she was responsible for monthly headcount reporting, ARBO reporting and also staying in close contact with long term sick employees, making sure that the ARBO process was followed correctly at all times in close cooperation with the Company Doctor and UWV. Ms. Egbers strong points are her excellent ‘deep dive’capabilities, which are important whilst performing an interim role. She can be very direct, which was well appreciated especially in correspondence with lawyers etc. She has made a positive and welcome contribution to the bank and proved to be a pleasant colleague. Martine Beckers, HR Manager Netherland, Bank of Scotland